A Second Chance

I had these words come to me yesterday:

To forgive those who have hurt us is our duty. 

To love them is our privilege.

As those words ran through my mind, I felt so strongly that the Savior desperately wants us to love one another, and many times it is our own pride that impedes us from doing that. 

Forgiveness is hard, especially when there has been pain, but it is also one of the greatest ways to learn to love as the Savior does. 

It is a marvelous gift, to the giver and receiver. Those who have experienced its power will know what I mean. 

When we allow ourselves to forgive others completely, we can then be allowed to see them as Christ sees them. Past their faults, and towards their potential. 

When we have the courage and humility to do that, something amazing happens- we can love them. Truly love them. 

I know that each and every one of us is precious. And we all deserve second chances. 

The Savior certainly believed that, as He shed His precious blood and willingly gave His life to do just that. 

Don’t ever be the one who tries to say that that atonement was in vain by withholding your forgiveness. 

As Jeffery R. Holland said, “It is not right to go back and open some ancient wound that the Son of God Himself died to heal.”

Have the courage to love, even when it seems impossible. I promise you- it’s not.


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